DroneDJ Weekly: DJI releases Mini 3 Pro, UK sends drones to Ukraine, and more

This week we got the long-awaited reveal of the Mini 3 Pro from DJI, and orders are already getting delayed into June and August. So catch up on the rest of the top stories while you sip on your Monday coffee.

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AVSS offers urgent flight termination protection for DJI Mavic 3s

Professional users of DJI Mavic 3s can soon acquire protection for their drones during sudden flight termination situations, thanks to plug-and-play parachute recovery tech that provides additional safety capabilities as well.

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DJI’s Active Track 5.0 on Mavic 3 gains ground on Skydio

The DJI Mavic 3 Pro flagship prosumer drone shipped installed last year without the company’s tracking software (as well as a bunch of other stuff we’ve come to know and love about DJI products). Earlier this year, DJI released firmware that enabled tracking called Active Track 5.0. Naturally, we took it for some testing and compared it to the king of tracker drones, the Skydio 2.

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DroneDJ Weekly: DJI responds to Mavic 3 GPS issues, Mini 3 video leaks, and more

This week we saw more rumors of the upcoming Mini 3 drone and, finally, a response from DJI over the Mavic 3 GPS issues. We also got a look at Autel’s Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+. Catch up on the top drone news below.

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The Buzz Podcast 19: Drone April Fool’s Day pranks, another Mini 3 leak, and more

Join Yifei and Seth for this week’s weekly round-up of news from the drone industry. Each week they discuss the top stories and pick a drone video of the week.

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DJI acknowledges continued Mavic 3 GPS issues, states fix to come ‘within the next two months’

Mavic 3’s GPS connection problem has been known for quite some time now, and the most recent firmware update was supposed to fix it, but it still hasn’t done it for everyone. DroneDJ has learned that DJI has found the cause of the issue and will fix it via a firmware fix in the next two months.

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