DJI pays the price for winning the drone war

DJI is paying the price for winning the drone war

If you have some time left over this Friday afternoon, I highly recommend reading the following article about DJI that was published in Bloomberg a few days ago. The article is titled: “DJI Won the Drone Wars, and Now It’s Paying the Price.” In it, two Bloomberg reporters provide some exclusive and detailed behind-the-scenes information about the world’s largest drone maker.

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DJI: From dorm project to global drone domination

Today, the South China Morning Post had an interesting story about how DJI went from a dorm project to ultimately global drone domination in a very short time. The Shenzhen-based company generated total sales of 2.7 billion USD in 2017, an 80% jump versus the previous year, making Frank Wang Tao the founder of the drone manufacturer, the youngest Chinese billionaire.

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