Insta360’s new drone-360-camera might do it all — teaser video

Insta360's new drone-360-camera

In a surprise tweet, Insta360 shows us a teaser video that suggests the company is working on a new drone-360-camera of sorts. We see, among other things, a drone and an action camera being thrown into a blender while the following message is shown…

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Is the Pilot Era the prosumer 360 camera we’ve been waiting for?

360 cameras remain a small but growing sector of the camera market. Ease-of-use, or lack thereof, is one thing that has been holding back widespread adoption of 360 cameras. A new IndieGoGo campaign from startup Pisofttech is looking to change that. With ridiculous specifications and a market-beating pricetag, the Pilot Era might just be the best prosumer 360 camera available. I can’t wait to get one loaded up on my DJI drone. Because it weighs in at only 690 grams I don’t think I will need an Inspire, as you need for the Insta360 Pro.

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Insta360 Pro mounted to an Inspire 2 – It can be done

Today we came across an interesting post on Facebook. Daniel de Ruiter from the Netherlands had posted a photo of his Inspire 2 flying with an Insta360 Pro mounted underneath it. This is a pretty pricey setup to fly. The drone retails for at least $2999, and the 360-degree camera that provides 8K video goes for $3499. To mount the Insta360 Pro camera to the drone, De Ruiter had bought a 3D printed mount from a company in Spain. According to the post on Facebook, the drone and camera were used for an Adidas commercial.  He said:

“Did something new this weekend with the Insta360Pro and Inspire 2. Shooting in 360 in 8K. Inspire 2 handled great 👊”

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