What you need to know before upgrading to the iPhone 14 if you fly drones

iphone 14 dji mimo app

Apple just released its newest iPhones, the 14 and 14 Pro and, boy oh boy, is it tempting to throw in the $1,099 for the latest and greatest from the company. But will it be the best phone to use for flying drones?

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Apple touts iPhone 12 as cinematic drone cam at launch

You already know it: The iPhone 12 would come with cool new features. But did it ever cross your mind that Apple might suggest it could be mounted on a drone? It didn’t cross our minds either. But today, at its iPhone launch event, Apple did precisely that: It showed an iPhone 12… on a drone.

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DJI Mavic Air 2 and Fly More Combo land on Apple store ahead of launch

In the market for the best new consumer drone and have some Apple Store credit to spend? The newly launched DJI Mavic Air 2 and Fly More Combo bundle are both available to order from Apple.com starting today at a slight premium over DJI’s prices.

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