NASA’s Mars Sample Return mission adds two helicopters after Ingenuity flights

NASA and the European Space Agency are on track to bring the first-ever Mars soil and atmosphere samples back to Earth. Today both space agencies shared an update on exactly how they plan to do that thanks to the Mars helicopter Ingenuity.

Should you wait for the DJI Mavic 3 or buy another drone for the holidays?

DJI is on the cusp of launching the highly anticipated Mavic 3 prosumer drone with astounding flight time and an upgraded camera system. If you’re in the market for a drone for yourself or someone you know for the holidays, should the upcoming announcement affect your shopping decision?

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Skydio 2 update improves autonomous return behavior, wifi pairing, height ceiling, more

Skydio 2 pilots have a feature-packed software release awaiting their drones today. Version 15.10 introduces new flight safety features and usability improvements that will enhance the ownership experience.

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DJI is hiding the Mavic 3 must-have drone feature right in the teaser announcement

DJI is positioned to release the highly anticipated Mavic 3 drone in a matter of weeks, and the company may have already signaled what the must-have new feature will be.

A trio of event teaser images depicting hardware elements includes the signature battery status indicator for a DJI drone battery. Based on DroneDJ‘s recent exclusive reporting, it’s fair to predict that the Mavic 3 will be remembered for at least one thing specifically.

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’60 Minutes’ reviews first month of life on Mars for Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance rover

We’ve been deep diving through Perseverance and Ingenuity since before the Mars 2020 mission lifted off from Cape Canaveral last year. Still, seeing NASA’s Mars rover and first-ever helicopter and their first month spent on the red planet still wows us.

DJI Mini 2 drone and bundle prices leak ahead of second-gen everyday flycam launch

It’s no secret that DJI has been spinning up an all-new Mavic Mini 2 this year after the successful launch of their cheapest drone in 2019. Now DroneDJ has a solid preview of how much you should expect to pay for the successor to the affordable everyday flycam. DJI’s Mavic Mini 2 appears to cost a little more than the original, but the upgraded hardware will still be competitive with mid-range model prices.

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