Komatsu launches Smart Construction Drone tool to simplify production tracking, billing

komatsu smart construction drone

Construction equipment giant Komatsu says it is integrating drones into its suite of job site technologies to enable contractors to analyze data throughout each project phase, tracking production and billing with precision. The Smart Construction Drone joins Komatsu’s Smart Construction solutions, an umbrella of applications designed to help builders better manage projects remotely and in near real time.

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DJI and Skycatch announce the largest commercial drone order ever – 1,000 high-precision drones for Komatsu

Earlier today we reported, that DJI is looking to expand into the commercial drone space and now we receive this press release from the Chinese drone manufacturer; “DJI and Skycatch announce a global agreement to deliver 1,000 industrial drones for Komatsu.” The single largest order of commercial drones in history.

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