Commercial Stories July 27, 2018

Drone use in the real estate business is skyrocketing. The aerial perspective drones offer to help real estate agents sell homes as it gives home buyers an even better view of their future purchase. Taking a high-resolution photo with a drone is not hard as even smaller, more inexpensive drones like the DJI Spark take incredible images. Operators must have careful control over their drone to utilize these high-resolution cameras and take photos that make a home stand out. Now, let’s go over 5 tips to take your drone real estate photography to the next level. expand full story

Commercial Stories July 8, 2018

Two of the newest and most fascinating areas of technology are drones and 3D printers. Both of these fields offer high potential in the future as they can solve many of humanities current problems more efficiently. With this being said, what would happen if you combined the two? According to Euronews, researchers at the University of Leeds in the UK have shown us a concept of what this could look like as flying 3D printers repair damaged roads.

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Commercial Stories March 22, 2018

Earlier today we reported, that DJI is looking to expand into the commercial drone space and now we receive this press release from the Chinese drone manufacturer; “DJI and Skycatch announce a global agreement to deliver 1,000 industrial drones for Komatsu.” The single largest order of commercial drones in history.

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