Interview with DJI’s Michael Perry at AUVSI Xponential 2018

Interview with DJI's Michael Perry, Managing Director of North America0000

Yesterday, we had the chance to talk to DJI’s Managing Director of North America, Michael Perry at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Michael spoke to us about the new Zenmuse XT2 dual-sensor thermal camera as well as the payload SDK and DJI’s push into the commercial drone market. We also spoke about how drones can help save people lives around the world and of course we asked him about what else consumers can expect from DJI this year.

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DJI’s Michael Perry keeps an eye on rising US-China tensions and issues independent review

In the summer of 2017, the US Army decided to stop using DJI drones citing security concerns. Then in November, there was an article in the NY Times that talked about DJI possibly sending information captured by their unmanned aerial vehicles in the U.S. back to China. Last week at CES 2018, AT&T withdrew from a distribution partnership with Huawei Technologies under pressure from US lawmakers.

In an interview at CES, DJI’s Managing Director of North America, Michael Perry explains how the rising tensions between the US and China affect their business and decisionmaking.

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