Drones and Dawn: How women can advance in aviation and aerospace

Dawn Zoldi

Read DroneDJ’s exclusive interview with Dawn Zoldi, one of the most recognizable, inspirational figures in the drone industry. 

Dawn Zoldi has superhuman powers when it comes to multitasking. She runs her tech consulting business, P3 Tech Consulting. She hosts a weekly podcast, Drones at Dawn, to discuss the latest developments impacting the UAS industry. She serves as an adjunct professor at Colorado State University, teaching about the developing discipline of Homeland Security. She is an adviser at Women and Drones, having won recognition from the organization in 2019. And she is the first female CEO and president of UAS Colorado, a nonprofit business league dedicated to advocating for the unmanned aircraft community in Colorado.

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First-time author dad wraps drone picture book in message of hope

Ever since he could remember, Gregory W. Brock wanted to be an author. But procrastination, and bills, came in the way. Until now. Today, the father of four launches a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish a children’s picture book on the heroics of Dewey, a disassembled drone.

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Exclusive interview with a Hoverboard inventor [Video]

Well, this has been a long time in the making. But we were thrilled earlier today to have an opportunity to speak with Alexandru Duru, the CEO of Omni Hoverboards. Let’s dive in.

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Of drone deliveries, tech accelerators, and getting more women to fly

In an exclusive interview with DroneDJ, Claire Owen talks about founding multiple companies with no college degree, building humane software, exceeding business expectations during a pandemic, and getting more women to be a part of the drone industry. Read on…

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Devoted FPV pilot jumps in base of freezing waterfall to save drone

We thought we’d seen it all before. We hadn’t. And you? Just wait until you see this drone pilot take a dive with his drone over a waterfall, followed by a personal plunge into frigid waters to recover it.

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EXCLUSIVE: A look behind London’s huge New Year’s drone light show

On New Year’s Eve, London introduced drones to its fireworks display for the first time. We watched it and loved it so much that we shared it with all of you. We have put together a short exclusive piece on the show’s inner workings with the help of the company behind the drones, SKYMAGIC.

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