Exclusive October 16

Why do we call these guys “Awesome?” Because we’re big fans of the Beagle Drones business model, which we’ll explore later in the story. We’re also huge fans of what this startup is about to do: Launch a very well-thought-out CineWhoop on Kickstarter later this month. And we have some deets… right now.

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On our latest edition of The Buzz podcast, we’re delighted to spend some time with Skydio CEO Adam Bry. Despite the pandemic, it’s been a great year for Skydio. Listen as DroneDJ senior editor and chief writer Scott Simmie takes a deep dive with Adam about his US-based drone company. It’s a great discussion and includes a look at the recently announced Blue sUAS list that recommends Skydio’s X2 drone for government and military purchasers.

Join Skydio CEO Adam Bry in conversation with DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie

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Exclusive September 25

On our latest edition of The Buzz podcast, we’re pleased to have an extended visit with Brendan Schulman, DJI’s vice president of policy and legal affairs. In a year when issues like “Made in the USA,” data security, and Remote ID have all been shaping the drone industry, Schulman has a lot of insight — and a lot to say (follow him @dronelaws on Twitter).

DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie in conversation with Brendan Schulman

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Exclusive August 13

Well, well, well. About a week after a photo of what could be a DJI FPV racing drone was leaked, there’s further indications that DJI has something up its sleeve in Shenzhen. The latest version of the Android “Fly” app has some new, not obviously visible commands that seem to line up with speculation that DJI might be adding a drone to its FPV Camera/Googles ensemble.

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Exclusive April 22

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is becoming the worst-kept secret in the drone world. We already know a lot of the specs, thanks to documents made public by the FCC and Brazil’s communications agency. But we were missing one important number: the price. Now we know it’s $799 — a $120 price drop from its predecessor’s original retail price. And boy does this drone look hot… expand full story

Exclusive March 15

We’re super excited to give away one FREE ticket to the Drone U Fly-In Challenge that will take place at a Netflix movie set right outside of Santa Fe, NM on April 4th and 5th. During these two days, you will be able to participate in both the Creative and the Technical Challenge. See below for more details.

Don’t forget to participate in the Drone U Fly-in Challenge Giveaway, if you haven’t done so already. The winner will be announced at 6 pm EST today.

And the winner is Zac Widmer from Washington state. Congratulations!! We will send you an email shortly!

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