Exclusive January 18

China’s largest drone maker, DJI faces a $150 million dollar loss after a large number of employees committed fraud in a series of corruption cases. The company is currently investigating inflated product prices in their supply chain. So far, 16 people have been reported to the authorities.

We have reached out to DJI for their official response to this story. The Chinese drone maker told us that they will be sending out an official statement as soon as possible. Update – DJI issued an official response. See below for details.

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Exclusive January 8

Contrary to earlier reports, it seems that DJI is planning to launch the DJI ‘Pro’ Remote Controller at CES 2019. However, instead of calling it Pro, DJI has changed the name to DJI Smart Controller. Early this morning the promotional video of the DJI Smart Controller was released on YouTube. The video provides us with all the most important information about the new device.

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Exclusive January 2

The long-awaited DJI ‘Pro’ Remote Controller is likely delayed and might not be at CES 2019. The mystery remote controller for the DJI Mavic 2 that showed up in various official DJI photos and videos was rumored to make its debut at CES 2019. However, the latest information we just received, indicates that the remote controller will likely be delayed.

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Exclusive December 17, 2018

We have been informed by one of our trusted sources, that the thermal camera for the Mavic 2 Enterprise, that was to be announced today, will be announced at CES 2019 instead. There is no explanation provided for the delay, but it seems that DJI has thought at the last moment that it might be better to launch the thermal camera for the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, at the Consumer (!) Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, together with the new ‘Pro’ Remote Controller with built-in display for the Mavic 2. There’s also more information on the type of delayed thermal camera btw… Jump right in.

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Exclusive December 10, 2018

We have seen it before in official DJI photos and videos (here, here and here). We know it is coming. And, now we know when. A source has shared with DroneDJ that DJI is planning to release the mystery remote controller soon. The same source also informed us that it is indeed for the Mavic 2 line of drones. The new DJI Mavic 2 Remote Controller with built-in display is set to be launched on Tuesday, January 8th during CES 2019.

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Exclusive November 28, 2018

Good morning! Yesterday, we brought you the details from the Quick Start Guide. This morning we have the actual DJI Osmo Pocket in hand. The DJI Osmo Pocket revealed exclusively on DroneDJ! How is that possible, you might ask? Isn’t DJI’s “Because Life is Big” event later today? Yes, that is correct. However, the DJI Osmo Pocket you see here was actually bought at a big box retailer in the US. The person who bought it happens to be a DroneDJ reader and shipped it to us. Thanks again! This is how we are able to bring you the first photos and video footage of the DJI Osmo Pocket. Jump right in and have a look!

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