Moment variable ND and CPL filters for Mavic Air 2 are here

Moment ND CPL filters Mavic Air 2

Filter and camera accessory maker Moment has released its latest variable neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer/linear (CPL) filters for the DJI Mavic Air 2. Moment’s ND filters are adjustable, so you don’t have to swap filters out based on the lighting conditions. Instead, you simply turn a dial.

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Review: the Moment foldable, 4K, light-weight selfie drone

Carpe Diem and capture the moment! That seems to be the spirit and purpose of the Moment foldable, selfie-drone from the Chinese company Simtoo. It is a lightweight drone that is easy to carry with you on your travels to capture all those amazing moments. It is also competitively priced at $199 when you buy it through their IndieGoGo campaign. The full retail price will be $349 however once the campaign has ended.

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