NYC Drone Film Festival Stories February 27

We were at the NYC Drone Film Festival last year and it was amazing to see the videos people create with drones. Especially when you watch them on a large cinema screen. This year is already the 5th NYC Drone Film Festival and it will be held at the Libert Science Center in NJ on March 1st and 2nd, 2019. Yes, that is this upcoming Friday and Saturday. So, if you are in the greater New York area be sure to stop by. Tickets can be bought online here.

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NYC Drone Film Festival Stories March 3, 2018

Today is the first day of the 4th edition of the annual, New York City Drone Film Festival. The event takes place over two days and This afternoon started with different panel sessions on drone tech, drone laws and creativity in drone filmmaking. Now we are in the evening part of the program and also the most exciting part of the event. More than 300 drone filmmakers from more than 50 countries had submitted their entries and to say that I’m impressed is an understatement. The drone films are amazing to watch as it the creativity and skill of the filmmakers.

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NYC Drone Film Festival Stories February 26, 2018

This weekend is the 4th New York City Drone Film Festival. The event is spread out over two days, starting on Saturday, March 3rd with various panel discussions covering items such as drone tech, drone laws and pushing the creative boundaries when it comes to drone filmmaking. The second day will be in New Jersey at the Liberty Science Center where you will be able to watch micro drone racing, Fist Person View (FPV) drone competition, a drone expo and more. We will be there for sure to see what filmmakers can do with drones. Get your tickets here.

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