Fishermen use drone to locate striped bass school off Fire Island

We already know that drones are used in more creative ways than for which they were intended. Herding sheep, or spreading propaganda, for instance, are both good examples. In this video posted on Fire Island and Beyond, we have an NY fisherman who uses his drone to successfully locate a school of striped bass off Fire Island. Needless to say, it made catching the feeding fish really easy.

The fisherman, Mike Busch says:

During an incredible fishing trip off Fire Island and Saturday, I gave my arms a rest and launched my drone from the deck of the Mama Mia, Paul Peluso’s 28 foot Seaswirl. We were positioned off Davis Park in about 40 feet of water and playing catch and release with massive schools of feeding Striped Bass. To say the fishing was incredible would be an understatement, I will have a full report and video from sea level tomorrow. Check out the video for an interesting perspective above the action.


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