Casey Neistat celebrates the 4th of July by drone surfing on New York City’s East River [video]

Casey Neistat celebrates the 4th of July by drone surfing on New York City's East River [video]

To celebrate the 4th of July, Casey Neistat just released this video on YouTube of him drone surfing on New York City’s East River. A lot of the footage in the short film is really quite stunning as the city provides an awesome backdrop for all his stunts, not just in this video. Regardless of what you think of his FAA rules-breaking drone flying, you have to admit that Casey has a nick for attention-grabbing videos. Check out his latest video and the behind the scenes video below and let us know what you think. Is he celebrating the 4 of July or his seemingly independence of the drone rules that do apply to the rest of us?

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I will now attempt to fly my drone inside this airplane [video]

One of the most popular YouTubers, Casey Neistat, recently flew his drone inside an Emirates airplane on his way to Dubai. It all took place during a flight from Brussels to Dubai. Neistat was invited to try out the new Emirates First Class Suite onboard a new Boeing 777.

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The Millennium Falcon drone tooth pull [video]

This video just came across our desk. Kelly Starrett, also known from MobilityWOD, uses a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughter’s tooth out. As Starrett launches the drone, you can hear his daughter say: “I am not so sure!” Initially, we thought that maybe the drone would not have enough pulling power, but as you can see in the video it went surprisingly well. To both the farther’s and daughter’s surprise, the tooth got pulled out quickly and seemingly without much pain. Not sure if this will become the recommended way of pulling teeth, but as the video shows, it can be done.

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Drone melted but amazing photos of hot lava were worth it

In pursuit of amazing photos of 2,000-degree hot lava, Erez Marom flew his $1,500 DJI Phantom drone too close and caused it to melt. The melted drone was worth it though according to Marom. He said:

“When you take a drone through a volcano, you take a certain risk that the drone isn’t going to come back,” Marom says. “I knew the drone might not come back, but it was worth it.”

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Fishermen use drone to locate striped bass school off Fire Island

We already know that drones are used in more creative ways than for which they were intended. Herding sheep, or spreading propaganda, for instance, are both good examples. In this video posted on Fire Island and Beyond, we have an NY fisherman who uses his drone to successfully locate a school of striped bass off Fire Island. Needless to say, it made catching the feeding fish really easy.

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Drone pilot drops anti-media propaganda over two NFL games last weekend

People keep coming up with new ways to use drones. We have already seen drones herd sheep, fight malaria, fly over volcanoes, deliver burrito’s and now they are being used to spread anti-media propaganda over NFL games, twice last weekend.

On Monday, a Northern California male drone pilot has been arrested on accusations that he was flying a drone over two NFL games last weekend. The arrest has raised concerns about security at professional sporting events, according to the police.

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