Good morning! Here are the headlines you may have missed. Grab a cup of coffee, get up to speed and enjoy this beautiful 4K drone and time-lapse video of New Zealand.

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Today, we are showcasing this amazing 4K video of New Zealand from ManandDrone. He has spent 5 months and drove more than 12.500 miles to capture all the footage that went into this short clip. You can find all the details of his trip on his website.

Here is what the filmmaker had to say:

If you’d have said to me on my first New Zealand trip back in March 2007 that I’m going to return again 10 years later only with the ability to shoot epic cinematic footage that only a very expensive camera setup and a helicopter could capture, I probably would’ve laughed.

Obviously to give the best representation of a country you would need years even a lifetime. My main objective with the New Zealand series was to create high-quality adventure drone cinema and keep raising the bar in the drone creative community.


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