New Zealand Stories March 14

In our latest piece of news in which drones are used for good we go to the New Zealand wilderness. Here pests such as rats, stoats and possums are now hunted with poison-laden drones. The unmanned aircraft will be used to drop baits in the path of these pests.

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New Zealand Stories December 13, 2019

Drone photos show the location of bodies after the volcanic eruption that took place on New Zealand‘s White Island on Monday. According to reports, at least 47 people were on the island at the time of the eruption. 13 people are believed to have died. Five deaths have been confirmed, the remaining eight missing persons are presumed to be dead.

Update: The Independent reports that at least 16 people are now confirmed dead. A military rescue team successfully recovered six bodies, which had been located the night before by drones. “The operation was not without risk but thanks to sound planning and the skills of the specialist team involved we have recovered the six bodies,” New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush said in a statement.

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New Zealand Stories December 17, 2018

We have seen more crazy drone footage including swimmers and wildlife (sharks mostly), but I think this video may top them all. In this drone video, you will see how killer whales join a woman during her swim workout off the coast of Coromandel, New Zealand. Initially, the woman swam straight to the shore and got out of the water, but then she decided to go back in and complete her swim. A tourist captured the event with his drone.

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New Zealand Stories October 19, 2018

Two youngsters in New Zealand disturb six endangered dotterels during the breeding season with their drone. Their actions have been labeled ”stupid and foolish”. According to a spokeswoman of the Department of Conservation, the boys were standing a mere 60 feet away from a dotterel nesting site.

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New Zealand Stories April 11, 2018

In New Zealand a drone got dangerously close to an Air Force helicopter. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was spotted less then 200 feet away from the helicopter, which at the time of the incident flew at around 3,000 feet as it was approaching Auckland’s Whenuapai Air Force Base. Operations at the base were suspended for 30 minutes.

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New Zealand Stories March 27, 2018

Pilots of an Air New Zealand airliner with 278 people on board feared that the drone would get sucked into the engine as it comes within 15 feet of the passenger jet. Both the airline company and New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority are asking for a tightening of the drone regulations after this latest drone incident.

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