DJI urges you to ‘Never travel without a drone’, so you can avoid the ‘Epic Struggle’ of taking a selfie

DJI advices you to 'Never travel without a drone' so you can avoid the epic struggle

Today, Chinese drone-maker DJI showed off their latest commercial on YouTube, called the “Epic Struggle”. This one, however, seems to be a little less well received than some of the previous commercials or short films, if you go by the comments. The video shows an active, outdoorsy-type woman climbing and hiking through the ‘wilderness’ but she has nobody to help her take some nice selfies or action shots. Toward the end of the clip, our main character all of a sudden sees this other female runner with… a DJI Mavic Air drone flying in front of her (Skydio R1-style) and filming her every move. A light bulb goes on. Never travel without a drone. Now, she too needs a Mavic Air!

Avoid the epic struggle. Buy a Mavic Air!

In the comments section DJI explains:

“Have you ever struggled to take the right photo when traveling solo? Maybe there’s nobody around to help, or even if there is the photo just doesn’t turn out right. Now, with Mavic Air, it’s easier than ever to capture the perfect shot no matter where you are or who you’re with. Anywhere can be epic if you just bring along the right tool to help you.”

However, not everybody seems to agree with DJI. One commenter says on YouTube:

“Seriously DJI! When you want to get in touch with the nature you must take your drone to make a movie on it! Is it really important? In the nature there’s no noises, it’s very cool and calm and the noise of the props and the motors of the drone disturb this nature… This ad is silly, filming myself while I’m running.. what a stupid idea like the selfie 🤳 ! Si you run in the nature for you or for the others???”

I’m sure many people will agree with this sentiment of drones being a nuisance in the wilderness or in National Parks. At Crater Lake, the park officials recently announced to step up their efforts to stop and fine drone pilots because of this exact reason.

What is nice is that DJI refers you to their travel page on their site with information about the DJI Mavic Air but more importantly about how you can make traveling with a drone easier. How do you prepare for the trip? How do you prepare the drone, etc? They even guide you to their FlySafe section where you can select the area and country of your travels. For a second, I thought they would have created a summary per country with the local drone rules but unfortunately, that was not included.

So, let that be DroneDJ’s tip for traveling abroad with a drone, check with the airline to see what you can bring on board (size drone, batteries, etc.) and check with the aviation agency of the country you’re going to make sure you avoid situations like this one!

Safe travels and happy flying this summer!


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