Photographer uses a drone to create glowing symbols over water

Photographer uses a drone to create glowing symbols over water

Back in March, we already saw other work from this very talented photographer, Reuben Wu. Reuben uses drones to create artworks in the sky. The first time we saw Reuben Wu’s work here on DroneDJ, he used a drone to create halos over rock formations. This time he uses them to create illuminated or glowing symbols in the sky. The drone is outfitted with a lighting rig using Lume Cubes to draw symbols such as a plus sign, a square and a triangle from narrow straight lines. The artwork is created right above the water creating stunning abstract images.

Photographer uses drone to light-paint

Instead of using the drone to capture the photos Reuben uses the drone to light-paint the symbols in the sky. He calls his latest project Aeroglyph and he tells Colossal:

“The project name Aeroglyph describes what I see as large temporary geometries created in the air. Only visible in their entirety through the capture of a camera.”

He purposely chose to shoot the long-exposure photos over water as it adds the abstract character of the images. He continues to say: “This is why I chose a wide and featureless body of water, where there are no other compositional elements other than a horizon and a textural reflection in the water.”

Reuben created the photos with the plus and minus symbols over the Pacific Ocean at night. The triangle and the square he shot above the water of Lake Michigan.

You can see more of Reuben’s work on his website and Instagram account. He is also working on a book, titled Lux Noctis, that will be released in October.


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