Drone photography Stories September 23

One of the great ways to earn money with a drone is by shooting real estate. To truly excel, you’ll want your images to pop out against the competition. That’s why the online course we’re about to explore, and the second story in our two-part series on elevating your skills, is worth a serious look.

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Drone photography Stories May 1

Economies around the world are imploding due to the shut-down of businesses in the COVID-19 era. But even in downtimes, there are winners—companies that provide the right products or services for the needs at hand. In the era of social distancing, drones are emerging as a no-contact solution for many jobs. expand full story

Drone photography Stories April 20

Two weeks ago, the world was stunned by drone photos and videos of mass burials of COVID-19 victims on an island that is part of the Bronx, in New York City. Last week, renowned photographer George Steinmetz set out to capture his own images, but  police seized his drone. And now we have more details of how that went down. expand full story

Drone photography Stories April 6

I have been shooting aerial photography for years now, but have never really shared much of my process when it comes to creating images. Here’s a look at what goes into my planning of an aerial portrait shoot.

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Drone photography Stories March 8

In the past we have already seen some creative ways in which photographers used drones to  light their subjects. Today we see some quite amazing photos from Czech photographer Jiri Kralovec who used a DJI Phantom drone to light his athletes and take some really nice sports portraits.

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Drone photography Stories February 12

So maybe you have a drone but aren’t sure where to go to take photos or shoot video. It may seem like you need to travel somewhere beautiful to capture content like the stuff you see online. I’m here to tell you that isn’t true, and provide you with a few simple tips for shooting with your drone.

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