Drone photography Stories November 14

Today, Lume Cube announced an all-new re-designed light for content creators of all kinds. The Lume Cube AIR is the smallest, lightest, and most portable lighting device on the market. Combining a portable and waterproof design, versatile mounting options, the freedom of wireless control, and a range of diffusers inside the box, the latest solution is an affordable, all-in-one light that allows anyone to create better photo and video. Compatible with everything from a smartphone to a DSLR, the Lume Cube AIR provides professional quality lighting in any environment.

In case you’re wondering what Lume Cubes are good for, check out these amazing drone photos of glaciers, night sky and rock formations!

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Drone photography Stories September 28

Photographer Reuben Wu has been using drones in very creative ways to light up mountains and display signs in the air. This time he traveled to Pastoruri in South America to photograph glaciers that were lit up at night. Reuben uses a drone outfitted with Lume Cubes to light up the scenery. This results in very dramatic photos of glaciers like you’ve never seen before.

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Drone photography Stories August 30

Back in March, we already saw other work from this very talented photographer, Reuben Wu. Reuben uses drones to create artworks in the sky. The first time we saw Reuben Wu’s work here on DroneDJ, he used a drone to create halos over rock formations. This time he uses them to create illuminated or glowing symbols in the sky. The drone is outfitted with a lighting rig using Lume Cubes to draw symbols such as a plus sign, a square and a triangle from narrow straight lines. The artwork is created right above the water creating stunning abstract images.

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Drone photography Stories August 3

We have seen other creative solutions before where photographers have used drones to light up a scene. In this case, a professional photographer mounts a flash directly to his DJI Phantom 3 drone to create a uniquely lit sunrise portrait with great success.

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Drone photography Stories May 7

Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros uses his drone to capture the tulip fields from the sky. Depending on the weather, the tulips and other flowers will show themselves from late April into early May. Especially in the Western part of the country, around Lisse, the fields of flowers can seem endless and people traveling from all over the world to see their beauty.

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Drone photography Stories May 3

In an article in the NY Times, photographer Josh Haner explains how drones have now become part of his regular outfit. Josh is particularly interested in using drones to gather factual data, such as exactly how many houses burned down due to a wildfire.

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