Drone photography Stories July 21

You know that saying: Everyone’s talking about the weather? Well, these days people really are talking about the weather, but in much more urgent tones. There’s also another saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, drone photos showing the results of what many scientists believe is climate change in California are shocking.

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Drone photography Stories July 2

The painfully extended arm and forcibly pleased expressions seemed bad enough before selfie-sticks replaced those as the sine quo non of unabashed self-obsession. Now even those are set to be dethroned as the narcissist’s must-have gadget is a tiny, camera-equipped drone that pops from a smartphone to take aerial me-me-me photos.

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Drone photography Stories June 28

A MiG-295 – in pre-boneyard form

History has its rubbish heap, elephants their graveyards, and aircraft have a last resting place known as “boneyards.” In many countries, those final parking spots are located in deserts. Lacking those large, arid expanses, however, most Eastern European nations must dump permanently grounded craft wherever (and as discreetly as) they can. Now a Russian drone pilot has captured astonishing shots of mothballed Soviet era craft – some of which much of the world has never seen before.

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Drone photography Stories May 28

We feel a bit like rubberneckers at a traffic accident: We just have to slow down and look. (Or, in this case, let the pilot slow things down in post-production.) It ain’t pretty – it’s gorgeous.

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Drone photography Stories May 26

With little warning, Mount Nyiragongo erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the weekend and torrents of lava spilled into villages. Drones show the chaos of the African eruption.

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Drone photography Stories February 12

New drone video reveals the world’s largest nude female sculpture at least partially adorned this month. As seen from the air, snow gave the Lady of the North a dusting.

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