Drone photography Stories January 18

We have a pretty cool video to show you. Don’t be surprised if you do a double-take.

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Drone photography Stories January 15

As you know, we often feature videos from drone pilots, along with a brief interview. Today, we’re going to mix things up by highlighting some terrific aerial photography.

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Drone photography Stories January 14

At the end of 2020, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino created some fun posts for their “Elf on a Shelf” campaign. With the aid of a few drones, they were able to give their audience a new, unique perspective.

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Drone photography Stories November 18, 2020

I know what you are thinking: Don’t most articles detail the exact opposite? I’d say you are correct in that more people are interested in moving up — learning more, doing more, and perhaps even making income from their drone operations. However, in a sense, my short tale is more indicative of where the average drone consumer might want to do — that is to have and use these tools on occasion in order to see the world from a different perspective and to share this work and art with others. 

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Drone photography Stories September 23, 2020

One of the great ways to earn money with a drone is by shooting real estate. To truly excel, you’ll want your images to pop out against the competition. That’s why the online course we’re about to explore, and the second story in our two-part series on elevating your skills, is worth a serious look.

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Drone photography Stories May 1, 2020

Economies around the world are imploding due to the shut-down of businesses in the COVID-19 era. But even in downtimes, there are winners—companies that provide the right products or services for the needs at hand. In the era of social distancing, drones are emerging as a no-contact solution for many jobs. expand full story

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