Youtube drone video shows Cessna fly-by at dusk

Youtube drone video shows Cessna fly-by at dusk

Admittedly not as crazy dangerous as the video with the helicopter (or other drone incidents) that we showed recently but still, drone videos like these show why stricter drone rules, remote id, and better education for drone pilots are needed to keep the airspace safe for everybody. Somebody by the name of ‘GS Wing Nut’ uploaded two videos to Youtube that show a manned aircraft, a Cessna according to the uploader, fly-by closely at dusk. The first video is named DJI 0679 and shows the airplane flying into view, the second video, DJI 0680, clearly shows the manned aircraft flying by at some distance. Both videos were uploaded yesterday.

Drone captures Cessna fly-by

Unfortunately, I can’t quite make out where these videos were shot or at what altitude the drone was flying. As you can see in the video, the drone is pretty high up although not as high as the Cessna. Also, there is still quite some distance between the drone and the manned airplane. However, depending on the exact altitude of the drone and the location this drone may have been flying somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to. Especially if it was near an airport or airfield, it surely was not a great idea to fly so high and so late in the day at that location.

In the past, some of our readers have urged us not to publicize content like this, however, we believe that is important that drone pilots and enthusiasts are aware of how our hobby (or profession for some) can potentially become very dangerous very quickly. Stricter drone rules may help and may be necessary to a degree, but increased awareness of the potential dangers and better education of drone pilots will surely help to keep our skies safer. This was recently proven in Germany.

This article is not meant to be a ‘drone police’ post but rather to increase awareness and to help keep our skies safer. So, for all drone pilots and enthusiasts, please learn (or refresh?) the rules when it comes to flying your drone and always check if you are allowed to fly your drone at your location of choice and if you can do so safely.

Safe drone flying

Here are a number of great resources to help you get started.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Safe flying!


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