DJI’s mystery controller for the Mavic 2 makes another appearance

DJI mystery controller for the Mavic 2 F

DJI’s mystery controller for the Mavic 2 makes another appearance. This time it is right in front of us on the official DJI website. If you look closely at this picture on the page for the Mavic 2 Enterprise that was launched yesterday, you will see a controller that does not resemble the normal controller that works with your smartphone.

DJI’s mystery controller with integrated display

However, it seems to be the same controller with the integrated display, that we have seen before in some other DJI photos as well as on their boat trip to Greenland recently. Check out this post for more info on that.

Even though the specs for DJI’s mystery controller are unknown as of yet, many people have expressed to us their desire for a remote controller that will not use their smartphone as an essential part of the UI. People like to keep their phone available for other purposes and also save their battery. The controller that has shown up multiple times now, is assumed to have some version of DJI’s CrystalSky display built-in that would provide better visibility in bright sunlight as well as a longer battery life.

General remote controller

DJI’s mystery controller, also known as the general remote controller, for the DJI Mavic 2 also appears on the tag that comes with the Fly More Kit. One of our readers by the name of Paulo Martins pointed this out some time ago. He said:

“And we can already see it on the little tab on the Mavic 2 PRO Fly More bag. On the side of the new MAVIC 2 Pro bag comes a little tag the informs us on how to tidy all the pieces inside. Notice how on one side we see the bundled remote and on the other, we see a reference to a bigger remote with DJI sticks that is labeled as General Remote Controller.”

I’m not sure if DJI purposely drops these little Easter eggs for us to find or if they are simply a little sloppy in their photo/website department. Either way, we encourage their behavior as it provides us with bits of information of what is coming down the pike.

Today, I asked one of the DJI employees at the AirWorks event when we can expect this drone to come to market but he couldn’t tell me yet. If we find out more we will let you know asap.

What do you think about DJI’s mystery controller? Let us know in the comments below.


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