German zoo finds missing red panda ‘Jang’ with thermal drone

red panda thermal drone

The extensive search operation went on for 36 hours. But in the end, authorities at a German zoo were able to track and find Jang, an adorable, endangered red panda – with the help of a thermal drone.

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The only drone accessory you need for Mavic 2 confined-space inspections

Drones have become an indispensable tool for commercial applications, improving safety, increasing efficiency, and delivering stupendous time and cost savings across industries. However, when it comes to confined-space inspections, the economic barrier to entry is too high. Drones that specialize in internal inspections can easily cost upward of $40,000. But this simple yet effective drone accessory by Heliguy will empower you to carry out up-close internal inspections with the extremely popular and affordable Mavic 2 drones.

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Jeremy Clarkson successfully herds sheep with a drone, until he doesn’t

Jeremy Clarkson, an English broadcaster and columnist with a penchant for getting into trouble, has a new show coming up on Amazon Prime, called Clarkson’s Farm. And a hilarious new video released on Twitter gives a sneak peek into what happens when a self-confessed “inept townie” is tasked with running a 1,000-acre working farm.

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Drones deployed to battle the world’s rising tide of trash

Public officials around the globe are discovering the effectiveness of drones in battling a scourge that every country – and indeed the entire planet – needs to turn back: the relentlessly rising tide of litter.

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UK’s second-largest fire service is now armed with firefighting drones

Firefighting drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras will help West Midlands Fire Service to improve situational awareness and support effective decision-making on the ground.

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DJI drone, special software, used to herd livestock

Howdy, pardner. Sit on back and relax a bit, while we take you for a tour of our ranch. A ranch where we round up them critters with drones.

Normally, it takes dogs or people on horseback to herd animals. That’s the way it’s been done, well, for a very long time. But a couple of herders in Israel started playing around with drones. And then the play became more serious, as they realized the cows responded to the drones (camels, too). And so they began working on a business project. Could drones be used to do the herding?

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