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dji flight simulator

First announce during AirWorks 2018, DJI has released a new flight simulator to help train the growing number of both consumer and commercial pilots. The new DJI Flight Simulator allows pilots to test a variety of different drones in various weather conditions for a number of different applications. The goal of the new DJI Flight Simulator is to safely train pilots using the equipment they will operate prior to flying their drone.

DJI Flight Simulator

The DJI Flight Simulator was developed specifically for DJI’s Enterprise line of drones, however it can be utilized by pilots of the Spark, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and Matice series of drones. The DJI Flight Simulator uses advanced physics engines that give the pilot the same flight characteristics of the drone they have chosen to fly. The simulator uses the actual remote of the drone and the controls will function identically in the simulator as they do in real life. Pilots have the option of the same three flight modes in the simulator as they do in real life: Position, Attitude, and Sport.

There are multiple point of view options for pilots, so the pilot can choose an immersive experience, view from the screen, or even experience a 3rd person view of the drone. You can fly in a variety of different environments and even choose simulated wind conditions as well as ground effects. If the pilot wants to experience a simulated crash they even have that option with the DJI Flight Simulator.

DJI Flight Simulator Modes

With the DJI Flight Simulator, there are three specific modes in which a pilot can practice: skills training, free flight and application training. Skills training allows pilots to practice specific skills like take off, landing and following paths. They are given flight tutorials and tests to hone their skills. Free flight allows pilots to fly freely in a variety of different environments and experience different conditions while doing so. Application training allows pilots practices very specific tasks like search and rescue or powerline inspection.

The new DJI Flight Simulator is an excellent tool to help practice and hone your piloting skills in a zero-risk environment. DJI created it because they want to be able to train pilots without having to risk the damage or loss of expensive equipment. It has a lot of interesting applications and allows users to get a better feel of their drone prior to taking it out into the wild unknown. Whether you have a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or a Matrice, the new DJI Flight Simulator is worth checking out. Learn more about the DJI Simulator here.


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