Fat Shark Scout FPV Goggles – The best box style goggles you can buy

fatshark scout

Fat Shark is the undisputed leader in FPV goggles and headsets. Their top of the line HDO goggles are absolutely brilliant. The biggest problem is that buying a good pair of Fat Sharks HDOs will cost you upwards of $500 after you’ve purchased a receiver to go along with them. That is why Fat Shark created the Scout. The Scout ($199) is a top-end box style FPV headset that has some excellent features but at a fraction of the price of the HDO lineup.

Fat Shark Scout

Not everyone wants the low-profile style goggles. In particular, people that wear glasses often opt for box style goggles. However, they often are clunky and lack features that most low profile goggles have. The Fat Shark Scout FPV goggles are hands down the nicest pair of box goggles I have ever used.

I couldn’t wait to get my new Emax Tinyhawk S up in the air with them. Fat Shark has paid attention to detail and these goggles are extremely well done. The feel well built but aren’t overly heavy. The Scout weighs 350 grams including the rechargeable battery. They are comfortable on my head and there is very little light leakage.

When looking for a new set of FPV goggles make sure they have two features, a DVR and diversity antennas. The Scout has both diversity and a DVR. The DVR is nice because you can record footage of your flights. This can be fun to review or come in handy if you need to backtrack and locate your quad. These goggles record at 720 x 480 at 60 fps and are nicer than most DVRs I have used.

A diversity antenna system is also important. Diversity means that the system is using the signal from two antennas and you benefit with a clearer picture and often better FPV range. The Fat Shark Scout comes with an omnidirectional Immersion RC antenna and a built-in patch antenna.

The Fat Shark Scout comes with a rechargeable and removable 18650 lithium ion battery. It can be charged via the USB-C cable port on the side of the goggles. The Scout will accept up to a 64 GB micro SD card to record your flights. There is an AV in as well as an AUX port and a headphone jack.

Fat Shark Scout Performance

The screen on the Fat Shark Scout is a 4 inch LCD with an 1136 x 640 resolution and a 50-degree field of view. I found it to be exceptionally clear when flying and was also impressed with the quality of the DVR. While the video feed is still analog it does a nice job of displaying contrast. The buttons are easy to access and the menus are very intuitive. Sometimes navigating through menus can be a challenge but these were quite easy to do and followed basic logic.

Fat Shark even went as far to have the LEDs on the top display different colors for different channels. That way if multiple pilots are flying you can tell if someone is on your channel if you have the same color LEDs. Also a quick tap of the power button with show green, orange or red, indicating your current battery level.

The built-in receiver is capable of 48 channels. You can even enable or disable certain bands if you don’t fly them or local laws prohibit them. You can flip through channels manually or use the automatic search function.

Should you buy the Fat Shark Scout FPV goggles?

Overall Fat Shark has done a really nice job crafting the Scout. It has a quality look and feel to it. The Scout is a premium box-style FPV headset. You can tell it was built by a leader in the industry. The biggest issue is the price. Most people think box goggles should be inexpensive. At $199 the Scout is cheaper than most diversity/DVR goggles but they certainly are not cheap.

However, keep in mind that Fat Shark has top-notch customer support and uses high-quality components. That can’t always be said about the competition. When you fly FPV goggles are incredibly important and the Scout is most definitely a solid option. You can order your Fat Shark Scouts from GetFPV.com.


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