Skydio 2’s first batch is now shipping and we see how it’s made

Skydio 2 now shipping

After months of teasing and finally showing the Skydio 2 drone off to the public, the first drones are now shipping to customers! The news comes directly from the Skydio‘s Twitter account, in the form of a short video and a link to an in-depth behind the scenes to the making of the Skydio 2 drone.

Skydio 2’s first batch is now shipping and we see how it’s made

If you ordered a Skydio 2 in the first batch, expect an email from Skydio soon with a few more details on your new drone. If not, you are going to have to wait a little longer.

Along with the Tweet letting us know that the Skydio 2 is now shipping, we also got a sneak peek at the production line set up to produce the Skydio 2 for customers.

In the Medium post, we are taken through the production of the Skydio 2. We first learn the Skydio 2 is made of 208 individual parts and is designed for easy manufacturing. This allows Skydio to increase its output capacity by over five times compared to the previous Skydio drone.

Firstly the gimbal and camera sub-assembly are tested with over nineteen hundred variables that are being collected and analyzed. Guaranteeing the gimbal and camera is working correctly. Next is the main logic board, which is placed directly on the frame. Adding structural support and allowing the logic board to dissipate heat through the magnesium frame.

Next in are the cameras allowing Skydio 2 to fly and navigate the world by itself. All six 4k cameras are attached to the frame via plastic mounting brackets. The motors are the final part to be installed, being screwed directly into the magnesium frame, then the wires are soldered to the control board.

Now for the tests. Skydio 2 is sent through fifty-nine checkpoints twice to ensure all the systems are working correctly. The drone is now closed up. The cameras are calibrated, taking 2,400 images that are used to ensure the drone can take great video and photo as well as ensuring it can see its surroundings accurately.

Skydio 2 is now strapped down and set to full speed. The motors, cameras, GPS and communication radios along with the other systems are put through stress tests to guarantee the drone is ready for the real world.

Once complete, Skydio 2 takes to the skies in a flight test room and tracks its first object, a mannequin. The Skydio 2 now gets flashed with the latest consumer firmware available from Skydio and is sent to the final quality control station and is packaged up for its new owner.

Learn more about the Skydio 2 autonomous drone:

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Photo: Skydio

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