Drones for GOOD International launched on Facebook

Drones for GOOD International launched on Facebook

DJI tracks the number of people that have been saved with the help of drones and the last time I have heard that number it was well over 300 people. To help spread the news of drones doing good and helping our society a new Facebook group has recently been launched by L. Donauer. DroneDJ was one of the first members to come on board and help push this initiative. Throughout the year stories of drones doing good will be posted on this page and once a year a special event will be organized to promote Drones for GOOD. This year that day will be June 7th. Please be sure to check out, like, share and follow this page on Facebook and support it if you feel the same way we do, that drones can make a difference for the better and make our world a better place!

Drones for GOOD International launched on Facebook

About Drones for GOOD:

This group is to celebrate and educate people on all the good things that drones do. As drones become more commonplace it is important to educate those that aren’t familiar with all the wonderful things drones do. Be a good ambassador for the industry.

Drones for GOOD day event will be held on the first Sunday of June every year. This year it will be June 07,2020

Here’s one example story of how unmanned aircraft can make a difference. Mat Matthews from BlackHawk Aeronautical solutions Inc. tell us about how he used his drone to find a missing person:

Long story short, I was asked to assist with a missing person. This individual had been missing for almost 24 hours. Trucks, quads and over 25 people searched all day with no luck. One of the individuals in the party knew of me and called to ask if I could help. I showed up later that evening with my Inspire 1 and an XT camera. After consulting with the team I was able to eliminate areas of the search where they had already invested a lot of time and build a flight path on site that captured more hard to reach areas.

It was getting dark so I threw some additional strobes on my drone for visibility and launched my drone. I had just completed 3 passes of my area and on the 4th pass (also after seeing lots of deer and rabbits), I stumbled across something that made me stop my flight. I lowered my drone from 300’ down to about 100’ AGL and that was when I seen movement. The person on my screen was the one they were searching for. I let the drone hover and guided the party out via radio into a thick area of the woods until they found the person. It was a very happy and proud moment for all of us.

Total time from lift off to discovery: 6 minutes.

Pretty awesome considering the time and resources that went into the search before I arrived.

Definitely my proudest moment with a drone.

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