Drones for good Stories Yesterday

As the UK works to slow the coronavirus with methods such as mandatory social distancing, the country’s police forces are using drones to shame people indoors. But whether, like Spain, Britain wants to use them to disinfect is under debate.

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Drones for good Stories March 26

Researchers at the University of South Australia are working on coronavirus detection drones capable of detecting temperature, heart, and respiratory rates, as well as detecting people sneezing and coughing in crowds. The “pandemic drone” is being created in partnership with Draganfly Inc, one of the largest enterprise drone companies to date.

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Drones for good Stories March 17

In Australia, the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Drone program has commissioned a number of dye-dropping DJI Mavic 2 drones, that can drop sea marker dye into the ocean that allows lifesavers on the beach to more easily spot riptides and help stop drownings.

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Drones for good Stories March 16

UK plans for medical drones as part of transportation innovation test

The UK government is trying to get people out of cars and use different means of transportation such as electric scooters. Medical drones are also being looked at to help reduce congestion.

Drones for good Stories March 14

In our latest piece of news in which drones are used for good we go to the New Zealand wilderness. Here pests such as rats, stoats and possums are now hunted with poison-laden drones. The unmanned aircraft will be used to drop baits in the path of these pests.

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Drones for good Stories March 9

In this short video, we learn that mothers have started to use DJI Phantom drones to search for missing children in the ‘killing fields’ of Mexico. In the municipality, Salinas Victoria in Northern Mexico, Laticia Hildalgo has been looking for her missing son, Roy for almost a decade and has yet to find him.

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