UNSW partners with DJI to create the DJI scholarship

UNSW DJI scholarship

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia has forged a new partnership with drone giant DJI to increase drone education and training within the university. The DJI scholarship will allow undergraduates at UNSW to study engineering in relation to drones and related technologies.

The scholarship will also allow the students to take part in DJI’s annual robotics competition, workshops, and give them the chance to participate in DJI’s Robomaster camp.

UNSW and DJI will work together on research projects and exchange programs, which would likely see undergraduates going to China to visit DJI. They will also work together to create a curriculum centered around drones.

Warwick Dawson, UNSW director of knowledge exchange, shared that the university’s main goal is to work with organizations to enrich the learning experience for students to better prepare them for the workplace, which the partnership with DJI will do.

DJI’s head of education, Jianrong Gao, stated that the partnership will allow students to work with the latest drone technology and AI to get them ready for a future workplace where both will be present throughout.

DroneDJ’s Take

It’s great to see such a massive partnership formed between a large university and the largest consumer-focused drone manufacturer in the world. The partnership will greatly improve the perception people have surrounding drones and will introduce drones to the next generation at a young age. Both will give a more positive perception of drone technology as a whole. This will also help to get more people excited about drones and what they are capable of. Overall, this is a great move for drones.

The news of this coming after drones have been so prevalent throughout the COVID-19 crises will for sure help to solidify their use in the future, whether it’s in surveillance and search-and-rescue operations or delivery of medical supplies.

What do you think of the partnership between UNSW and DJI? Would you want the scholarship? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: UNSW

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