Coronavirus Stories May 22

As America gradually starts to reopen its economy after COVID-19 lockdowns, the need to continually disinfect public spaces is growing. Researchers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have a suggestion: build disinfecting drones with germ-killing UV-C lights. expand full story

Coronavirus Stories May 20

In need of a checkup? If you’re in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, you may get one whether you want to or not. The city is deploying drones with infrared cameras to spot residents who may have fevers due to COVID-19. expand full story

Coronavirus Stories May 15

Ingenuity can be turned to many purposes. The same tech that builds drones can also make medical equipment. So is the lesson from Amazon Prime Air, which recently started mass-producing face shields for frontline COVID-19 medical workers. expand full story

Coronavirus Stories May 11

India is under very strict lockdown as a result of the coronavirus, with police aggressively enforcing the rules and citing violators. Now they are getting help from US drones that monitor crowds and social distancing in India. expand full story

Virtually all public sporting events are closed down due to the coronavirus. But when venues consider reopening, a New York-based drone company is offering a solution to keep them germ free by spraying disinfectant from above. expand full story

Coronavirus Stories May 8

Drones have become a fixture in the COVID-19 pandemic response. From Asia to Europe to the US, authorities have been employing drones to monitor social distancing and sometimes even cite violators. That was too much for French civil rights advocates, who sued to block social distancing drones in Paris. expand full story

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