Altitude Angel launching pop-up unmanned traffic management system with Inmarsat’s satellites

Altitude Angel Inmarsat traffic management drone

Altitude Angel and Inmarsat have announced a partnership that will allow for unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems, specifically for drones, to pop up when required using Inmarsat’s network of satellites. This approach removes the need for infrastructure to be built on the ground and allows for faster setup times.

The two companies will be jointly developing ‘Pop-Up UTM’ based on the already existing GuardianUTM platform from Altitude Angel. As the name states, it is essentially an unmanned traffic management (UTM) system that can be deployed anywhere required in a short amount of time.

The system will specifically be deployed where a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone flight is taking place and removes the need for infrastructure on the ground to be built. Pop-Up UTM also utilizes Inmarsat’s global network of satellites meaning the system can be deployed around the world.

Pop-Up UTM will first power the world of emergency services that require surveillance in a specific location in a short period of time. Support for commercial industries will follow shortly after. Drones that were once limited by line of sight will now be able to be used over a large distance while still staying safe in the busy skies.

Phil Binks, Altitude Angel, Head of Air Traffic Management shared the following on the Pop-Up UTM system and what it means for its clients.

“The ability to almost instantly ‘pop-up’ safe, secure and fully operational UTM platforms in any environment, at any time, will give first responders, blue light services and aid organisations a valuable tool that could save countless lives. Altitude Angel and Inmarsat, in developing ‘Pop-Up UTM’, will be able to bring connectivity, clarity and automated air traffic control services for UAVs in even the most challenging of circumstances.”

You can learn more about the GuardianUTM airspace operating system which Pop-Up UTM is built on.

What do you think of the ‘Pop-Up UTM’ and the approach Altitude Angel and Inmarsat have chosen to go with? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Altitude Angel

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