drones Stories March 27

The University of Zurich and ETH Zurich have managed to take obstacle avoidance to a new level, allowing drones to dynamically avoid static and non-static objects with a latency of only 3.5 milliseconds. The drone is equipped with event cameras that detect light changes in the individual pixels instead of the whole frame.

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drones Stories March 9

A drone pilot has taken his FPV drone to his local golf course to show it off in a new and entertaining way. Ross decided to fly his drone alongside a golf ball, getting never before seen angles and making a slow sport look more like an action sport.

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drones Stories March 3

A drone sighting at Frankfurt Airport yesterday caused the airport to close and forced flights to be diverted to nearby airports. The airport’s air traffic control closed the airport until further notice with police being called and a search for the drone beginning.

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drones Stories March 2

Drone footage captured by John Kucko has shown what it’s like to be living along the New York side of Lake Erie for some of the residents. Several houses have been blanketed in a thick layer of ice thanks to gale force winds and low temperatures.

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drones Stories February 25

Drone pilot and founder of Drone Gear, Alex Kavanagh, has taken the old-fashioned wedding proposal to a new level with the introduction of drones. Drones have been used for years at weddings but haven’t been as common at proposals. Hopefully, this video will change that. expand full story

drones Stories February 24

A drone has spotted sharks swimming off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, a popular beach and swimming location. The drone, flown by Jeremy Johnston, was able to take photos and videos of an estimated 20-50 sharks swimming in shallow water.

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