AiRXOS announces new drone platform for the energy industry

AiRXOS drone Energy Industry

AiRXOS has announced its new fully faceted drone solution for customers in the energy industry. The system allows for organizations to plan, schedule, operate, and monitor all areas of a drone fleet using one simple platform.

The platform allows for clients to have full situational awareness of the airspace, assets, and drones in the air. It also lets users know their inspection and emergency response/disaster recovery capabilities along with analytics data. The new platform runs on AiRXOS’ current Air Mobility Platform, which is secure and cloud-based.

The platform also allows for automated flight waivers, exemptions, and Certificate of Authorization (COAs) to be filed for faster approval times and a more efficient operation. The system also ensures drone pilots and other crew are in compliance with the law, and it makes it easy to manage teams within the system.

Mark Lanphear, AiRXOS’ senior vice president of global sales and business development, said:

Infrastructure inspections with traditional manned aircraft are dangerous, inefficient, and expensive. Now more than ever energy organizations are looking for solutions to help them deliver safe, scalable, and repeatable operations for greater economic viability. To achieve scale, they need a centralized and standardized view of all operations, manned and unmanned. It’s why we developed the Enterprise Energy Solution — to deliver energy organizations a truly comprehensive platform that brings all UAS lifecycle operations into one view — from enterprise wide infrastructure inspection and surveillance, to asset and crew management,  Situational Awareness and emergency operations after a natural disaster — all on one platform.


AiRXOS, who is a part of GE Aviation, focuses on drone transportation and the systems used to manage the drones, ensuring all flights are taken out in a safe manor. The company is also focusing on digitizing today’s airspace for easier integration in the future.

Photo: AiRXOS

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