Commercial drones Stories Today

UAV company UAVOS has managed to convert a Robinson R22 manned helicopter into an autonomous cargo drone, capable of flying over 1000km. The UVH R22 is capable of carrying 400 pounds of cargo, agricultural monitoring, and video surveillance, just to name a few.

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Commercial drones Stories January 20

Pyka is taking on the crop-spraying business with its autonomous crop drone, which is capable of spraying 135 acres in an hour. The drone removes the danger for pilots who fly a few meters from the ground and reduces costs.

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Commercial drones Stories January 6

SwissDrones is a leading drone manufacturer and has its SDO-50V2 product used around the world in critical missions for surveillance, search and rescue, inspections, and transport of goods. The company is now finally moving into Australasia as a focus area for 2020.

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Commercial drones Stories December 7, 2019

There are thousands of drone-related companies in the world, but a majority of them didn’t have any firsts, Draganfly is one of the companies that do. Draganfly was the first company to commercialize the drone along with a few other firsts we learned while interviewing the Chairman and CEO Cameron Chell of Draganfly.

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Commercial drones Stories August 30, 2018

Drone inspections are nothing new, but Ford Motor Company is doing things differently than the rest. Drone flight is typically conducted outdoors where pilots have much more room to maneuver around structures taking various images. Employees at Ford instead are flying drones inside of their plant to keep workers safe. expand full story

Commercial drones Stories August 26, 2018

In Belmar, New Jersey, lifeguards are conducting tests using drones to assist them in helping swimmers back to land. According to CBS 3 Philly, the town of Belmar is looking to Rutgers University for help in a partnership to figure out how these rescues will work.

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