Commercial drones Stories August 30, 2018

Drone inspections are nothing new, but Ford Motor Company is doing things differently than the rest. Drone flight is typically conducted outdoors where pilots have much more room to maneuver around structures taking various images. Employees at Ford instead are flying drones inside of their plant to keep workers safe. expand full story

Commercial drones Stories August 26, 2018

In Belmar, New Jersey, lifeguards are conducting tests using drones to assist them in helping swimmers back to land. According to CBS 3 Philly, the town of Belmar is looking to Rutgers University for help in a partnership to figure out how these rescues will work.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Commercial drones Stories August 12, 2018

Usually, whenever drones and wildfires are in the news together it’s because these small aircraft are interfering with larger, manned aircraft tasked with delivering water and retardant to extinguish the flames. In a change of events, firefighters of South Oregon are using gas-powered drones to scan wildfire areas and detect hotspot during the night.

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Commercial drones Stories August 5, 2018

Lucid, Inc based in Raleigh, North Carolina is using drones to clean the exterior surfaces of buildings. Andrew Ashur and his two friends David Danielson and Adrian Mayans got the idea after seeing workers cleaning tall skyscrapers. They knew there had to be a safer, more efficient way to complete this task, so they began to put their plan into action.

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Commercial drones Stories July 30, 2018

The PHASA-35 is a high altitude, long endurance aircraft that is currently in development through a collaborative effort between BAE Systems and Prismatic. The two companies behind this UAV have their eyes set on the long haul with intentions to keep this aircraft airborne for over a year.

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Airbus, a French company, has its eyes set on the unmanned aerial vehicle market with their Zephyr high altitude drone. You may be familiar with Airbus as a company who develops passenger aircraft, like the A380 that was recently captured by a drone while taking off, commercial jets, and even helicopters. Their goal is entirely different with this project as the Zephyr S and Zephyr T offer a wide range of possibilities.

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