Wondering how your business can incorporate drones? SkyOp wants to help

SkyOp enterprise consultancy drones

SkyOp has just opened a new consultancy for enterprise customers who want to learn about or begin using drones in day-to-day operations. The company will use its new business venture to help companies evaluate drone applications and build internal compliance and policy procedures.

SkyOp has already been serving the drone world for some time now with commercial drone training courses and institutional drone education curricula for high schools and higher education.

The enterprise drone consultancy will provide corporations with guidance in the exploration and implementation of drones. On top of the new enterprise drone consultancy services, SkyOp will also offer no-cost assessment tools that allow a company to receive an implementation strategy specific to its needs, the drones, and how they are going to be used. Companies are able to access the no-cost assessment tools from the following link.

SkyOp has also expanded its cloud-based Ultimate Drone Reference Guide for additional drone applications. It’s an easy-to-use platform used to deliver educational drone curricula while allowing SkyOp specialists to easily lead enterprise users through the process of realizing and understanding the benefits of drones in the company.

SkyOp can help corporations eliminate the guessing game when it comes to evaluating the business impacts of a drone program. More often than not, the idea for an enterprise-wide program starts with an engineer or industrial inspection specialist that sees the value of UAVs, but needs some expertise to back up their pitch to the C-suite. Our assessment tools and the initial insights our specialists can provide at no cost will be invaluable to those that see the inherent competitive advantage that drones can bring to their respective fields.

Brian Pitre, SkyOp LLC’s Founder and Chairman of the Board

The business of drones

Just a few years ago, if a company was to provide a service like the above, no one would think twice about looking at it as a serious offer. But with the ever increasingly affordable high-tech drones making their way onto the market, more and more of these services will start to pop up all over the world. This is a classic example of demand forcing a company to expand its operations to continue working in a new age, and it is great to see!

Photo: SkyOp

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