enterprise drones Stories July 21

DJI released a new video today, providing a complete overview of a drone solar installation inspection in China. It’s pretty impressive.

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enterprise drones Stories July 8

French defense and aerospace group Thales has announced the successful testing of a long-range drone prototype that can fly missions of up to 100 kilometers. The company says the uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) is already compliant with European Special Condition Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems regulations for future drone flights over populated areas.

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enterprise drones Stories June 24

Test flight of LaunchPoint 1.5 kW hybrid electric generator on a DJI 1000

It’s hardly breaking news that battery life limitations are one of the biggest brakes on expanded individual drone missions and wider deployment by businesses. But California startup LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions thinks its hybrid electric generators will soon extend craft operation and increase payload hauls with one simple fix.

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enterprise drones Stories March 31

Picture that you need to run drone operations remotely: Dispatch pre-programmed or manual missions, operate one or multiple drones simultaneously, all while monitoring every aspect from a remote control station as if you were there in person. Take it a step further, and visualize doing this with a number of different brands of drones from nearly anywhere on the planet. Now you’re getting an idea of what these two companies are doing together.

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enterprise drones Stories July 23, 2020

SkyOp has just opened a new consultancy for enterprise customers who want to learn about or begin using drones in day-to-day operations. The company will use its new business venture to help companies evaluate drone applications and build internal compliance and policy procedures.

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enterprise drones Stories May 5, 2020

Auterion wants to make drones a lot more like smartphones—standardized on a common platform as Android devices are. And of course, they want to standardize drones on their platform. To achieve that, the LA-based company is branching from software into hardware, with a new family of drone avionics modules called Auterion Skynode.

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