FlytBase, RAWview to provide aerial security in the UK

FlytBase RAWview aerial security

FlytBase and RAWview will join forces to provide aerial security and surveillance services to customers in the UK who require their assets to be protected 24/7. The partnership will leverage FlytBase’s FlytNow software with the drones, maintenance, and insurance being provided by RAWview.

Drones have proved themselves to be a great alternative method for surveillance and security operations, even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes the partnership between FlytBase and RAWview a perfect fit.

The aerial solutions provided by both companies will allow for drone operators to access real-time data and video feeds. The FlytNow software will allow for drone fleets to be used in the surveillance and security operations via an easy-to-use dashboard that allows operators to plan flights, access data, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Joe Waldron, RAWview’s Product Integration Director, commented:

“We pride ourselves on supplying the most advanced commercial drone solutions that truly make a difference to our customers’ operations, and we believe that developing robust, long-lasting commercial partnerships with the drone industry’s most innovative vendors are central to our customers’ success. FlytBase is at the cutting edge of enterprise-grade drone software and is continually driving to maximize the potential that drones have within industrial applications. It’s because of this shared vision that I am delighted with our new collaboration. “From the numerous conversations we’ve had with UK security companies, we know that their main barrier to drone adoption was the ability to get real-time video footage from the drone to a control center, which could be located many miles from the surveillance site. With FlytNow’s stable, cloud-based video transmission, we can now easily remove this barrier for our customers.”

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, said:

“RAWview and FlytBase share a common vision of helping customers accelerate their adoption of intelligent drone fleets. We understand the challenges faced by enterprises, and the solutions required, for rapid, scalable drone deployments. Via this partnership with the UK’s leading UAV solution provider, RAWview, FlytBase is excited to bring its aerial security solutions to the country, powered by cloud-connected, enterprise-grade software.”

Would you want drones flying above providing security and surveillance services for your property or business? Or will you stick to the more traditional ground-based cameras? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: FlytBase

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