Security Stories January 19

We’re all familiar with the threat posed by malware and viruses when it comes to our computers. But what about drones? Should we be offering protection for them as well? The concept certainly makes sense, and two companies have joined forces to work on a solution.

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Security Stories January 13

Drowsy night security guards had better keep a look over their shoulders. A new indoor security drone may have its sights on replacing them on the midnight shift.

The Israeli startup Indoor Robotics has designed a quadcopter drone it calls Tando to keep an eye on companies once the employees have gone home for the day.

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Security Stories January 12

Being an avid drone pilot myself, I always wonder what the current “video surveillance” system would be like if drones were used. If this were a real thing today, how would it work?

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Security Stories August 7, 2020

FlytBase has announced that it will partner with Firnas Aero to provide aerial security services to commercial clients in Saudi Arabia. The two will provide 24/7 autonomous aerial security to protect assets and large facilities.

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Security Stories August 3, 2020

FlytBase and RAWview will join forces to provide aerial security and surveillance services to customers in the UK who require their assets to be protected 24/7. The partnership will leverage FlytBase’s FlytNow software with the drones, maintenance, and insurance being provided by RAWview.

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Security Stories July 22, 2020

FlytBase and Firnas Aero are joining forces to provide drone security and surveillance solutions for aerial security patrols in Saudi Arabia. The two will allow businesses to easily manage drone fleets for commercial operations with ease.

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