brigkAIR and Airbus Deep Drone Challenge could win you $60,000

Airbus Deep Drone Challenge

brigkAIR and Airbus have announced their Deep Drone Challenge for the public with up to €50,000 ($60,000) in prize money and professional mentorship. If you are at least 18 years old and live in Germany, you can attend whether you’re a student, professional, hobbyist, or inventor.

Note: you are required to be living in Germany to be able to register in the challenge. If you are, you can apply via this link.

Which track will you take?

Track #1: The Drone Bot

The first track you can take is to get your drone to understand and act on voice commands. The idea is to get drones to understand air traffic controllers by using voice recognition technology. To successfully pass the test your drone must understand all voice commands, ask for flight permission, and be able to respond in real-time. Having your drone functional in a loud environment is even better.

“To challenge your inner genius, we will design a complex flight route including unexpected surprises. From then on, it’s up to you to make your drone a master of voice recognition. We know that good things take time, so feel free to test and practice already before the WarmUp.”

Track #2: The Pathfinder

The second track is a more standard use of drones, automation. You must create a drone that is able to avoid objects at the minimum. The course will also be set up with some dynamic objects to truly test if your drone is up to standards. To be successful in this challenge your drone must find the optimal path through the course while staying agile and doing so in the shortest time.

Challenge schedule

Applications opened on August 19th and will stay up until October 11th. In mid-October, applications will be picked giving people the chance to compete in the challenge. At the end of October, the contestants will warm up by building their drone prototypes and refine the hardware and software. On November 7th, the finals will be held with the winner taking home up to €50,000 ($60,000) in prize money.

Photo: brigkAIR

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