FIRST iZ wins AUVSI XCELLENCE award for its drone-in-a-box


FIRST iZ has won a second-place AUVSI XCELLENCE award in the technology and innovation category for its FirstPort drone-in-a-box solution. The winners of the AUVSI XCELLENCE awards were announced during the awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 6.

FIRST iZ submitted its FIRST Port weather-resistant drone enclosure. The FIRST Port allows for the autonomous deployment of drones, data gathering, and securely storing the drone. The enclosure can fit most current drones along with charging its batteries, monitoring the drone’s various systems, and ensuring it is protected while placed in strategic locations. The FIRST iZ team is currently working on three size variations, from a portable size to the size of a pickup truck.

The drone, which is stored in the enclosure, can be remotely activated by a dispatcher and loaded with a flight plan to get the drone to the scene of a crime. The drone is then able to send back important information for the first manned units to better prepare.

FIRST iZ is founded by Phil Burks, who happens to be the CEO of The Genesis Group, which offers first responders with software solutions. The FirstPort, from FIRST iZ, integrates with the software solution allowing the more than 1,000 customers to easily integrate a drone into its first responder team.

Brian Wynne, president and CEO of AUVSI said:

“The rapid growth of the unmanned systems industry is reshaping our future by expanding business markets, providing consumers with innovative solutions, and even saving lives. The XCELLENCE awards recognize companies and individuals who are achieving remarkable results with unmanned systems technology to benefit our communities.”

FIRST iZ founder, Phil Burks followed up with:

“It is such an honor to be recognized for Technology and Innovation at AUVSI. The FIRST Port team deserves all the credit and more. From a sketch drawn out on a napkin over a year ago, and lots of design, innovation, testing, and late nights later, we are excited to see FIRST Port working even better than we imagined.”

The award

Photo: AUVSI

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