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Airwards drone work worldwide

Earlier this week, Airwards launched a digital awards scheme that recognizes some of the best drone work around the world. Airwards is the brainchild of Richard Nichols to show off everything good drones have to offer in the world.

Airwards has been created to shed light on some of the best drone work currently being done in the world.

The digital awards will recognize more than 20 disciplines in the drone world and will recognize the very best UAV projects, companies, and individuals leading the way in innovation, responsibility, and real-world solutions.

Airwards founder, Richard Nichols said:

“The drone industry is doing incredible work but much of it flies under the radar and deserves recognition. Having been involved with UAV companies for a number of years, I felt it was time to do something that brought the drone industry together and recognized the positive ways this technology is improving the world we live in. The Airwards vision is to have drones recognized for leading the way in every industry.” 

Submissions for the awards open December 1st and will cover a wide range of companies, including technology, operations, support services, and specific industries.

To be considered for the awards, entrants must meet the criteria set out by Airward:

  1. Innovative: Promoting pioneering ideas that are successfully challenging the perception of what a drone is and can be.
  2. Responsible: Recognising the key aspect of safety in every drone flight to advocate legitimate behavior as a standard best practice.
  3. Real-world: Asking the question: ‘How are drones making a difference?’ by demonstrating quantifiable outcomes and tangible solutions.

ARPAS-UK CEO, Graham Brown followed with:

“Airwards is a great initiative to promote the positive impact of drones. Drones help multiple industries and provide many solutions to businesses that are safer, faster, cheaper, and greener than current methods or alternatives. We are delighted to support an awards system that recognizes the work of the drone industry and the talented people who work in it. With the launch of Airwards, we hope to see examples of the safe, professional operation of drones, innovative uses, and projects which continue to break new ground and deliver significant benefits to the industry and the wider public.”

Photo: Visualskies

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