Tiffen Mavic Mini ND filters unofficially work with the DJI Mini 2

Tiffen DJI Mavic Mini 2 Japan regulations 100-gram drones

After a bit of testing, it appears that the Tiffen DJI Mavic Mini ND filters work with the newly released DJI Mini 2, thanks to the camera’s design being basically the same. Tiffen doesn’t currently have any filters for the DJI Mini 2, but these should work just fine anyway.

Testing the filters

While I was flying with the DJI Mini 2 for the first time, I realized that I should look into a set of ND filters for it. When I got back home, I remembered that I still had a set of Tiffen ND filters I got to review for the original DJI Mavic Mini.

I got the filters out, dusted them off, and attached them to the front of the Mini 2. From first sight, they appeared to go on perfectly. The filters use the camera’s heatsink to hook the filter and pressure it to the camera lens. Thanks to DJI for making the camera basically the same on both cameras, or else you would’ve had to purchase a new set of filters.

To make sure the filters don’t do anything funky to the drone or the gimbal, I took them out to test slightly. When I turned the drone on for the first time, it worked great, the gimbal seemed fine, and the camera feed looked perfect. The second time I turned it on, the gimbal came up with a motor overload message. I re-calibrated the gimbal, and it appeared to work fine after.

Now, the filters aren’t officially supported by the Mini 2, but they appear to work just fine from my testing. I have gotten in touch with Tiffen to confirm if they can be used with the new DJI Mini 2. I will update this post once I get a response. I tested both the polarizing ND and the standard ND filters, with no drone specific issues I could see.

If you are looking to get a set of high-quality filters that work fairly well, I’d recommend the Tiffen set. It comes with three standard ND filters, ND4, ND8, and ND16, along with three polarizing ND filters with the same strengths.

Filter review

You can read some of my review of the filters below, or head over to this link to read the full review.

The filters do exactly what they are meant to do, limit the amount of light hitting the camera sensor. The glass used on the lenses seems to be high quality and can easily be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. The metal housing is also strong without adding unnecessary weight to the gimbal. While the mechanism to attach the filters to the gimbal works, it would have been great to see a screw style, but that would have required a change to the Mavic Mini.

Photo: Josh Spires

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