Canon could be working on DJI Osmo Pro alternative, shows patent

Canon DJI Osmo alternative patent

According to a patent, camera giant Canon looks to be working on a new all-in-one gimbal and camera that looks similar to the DJI Osmo Pro released a few years ago. Canon’s design looks to have a large rear screen for viewing and two joystick buttons for control.

Looking at the patent

Taking a look at the patent drawings, we can see the overall design of the product. It has a handle, which holds the battery, a gimbal – which appears to be two axes – a rear display, controls, and the camera sensor itself, with a mounting point for lenses.

On top of the camera sensor, we can see the familiar hot shoe used to mount accessories to it. There appear to be pins in the drawing, which means specific products can directly access power and data, such as a flash. There also looks to be a toggle switch, which could be for in-camera stabilization or to remove the lenses. I’m thinking the first option.

Moving down the patent, we can see what looks to be a two-axis gimbal. This wouldn’t make sense for most gimbals, but as mentioned above, there will likely be in-camera stabilization removing the need for a tilt axis to stabilize the gimbal. This would, however, not allow you to get rolling shots.

Moving onto the control interface. Straight away, you notice a large touch-screen that will allow you to control most of the camera in a similar way to current cameras from Canon. Below the display, there looks to be a large button and two smaller joysticks. The larger button could be the shutter/record button, while the joysticks could control the axes of the gimbal and control the interface on the screen.

There looks to be a trigger button on the other side of the grip, which is commonly found on gimbals. This could be used to re-center the gimbal or make sure the shot is in focus. The grip looks like it can fold down, possibly for easier transportation and possibly lower shots.

Canon’s all-in-one gimbal and camera patent

Why would Canon do it?

This is just a patent, which means the product might not even be released. Canon could just be exploring creating a product like this. If Canon is going ahead with it, why would they? DJI created something similar and discontinued the line altogether, only leaving the Osmo Mobile.

I think Canon going with a product like this might actually be a good idea. Much of the Canon user-base are pro to semi-pro users. Having one camera that is externally stabilized, uses interchangeable lenses, and is developed by Canon with its sensors and color science could be a big deal for many.

Going back to DJI for a second. While it has discontinued its Osmo Pro/RAW line, it is exploring a new design that follows the same principles. A professional camera built-in to a gimbal with removable lenses. What do you think of this patent? Is it a product you would look at getting, or would you stick to a camera and a gimbal?

Patents from DJI

Photo: OsitaLV

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