New picture of DJI FPV system leaks

A new photo of the DJI FPV drone combo leaked today. Let’s take a look.

The new leak comes from Twitter user @OsitaLV. He (or she) is a prolific leaker and appears to have some sort of pipeline directly into DJI. Plus, DJI is now at the stage of briefing retailers and journalists about the new product, meaning there are more images that could potentially get out into the wild.

Let’s see what @OsitaLV shared.

Twitter leak of DJI FPV

With the words “FPV ready to launch” – here’s what @OsitaLV posted:

A sign things are getting closer…

DJI Image

The photo shows what appears to be a DJI promotional image of the combo: the drone, the new goggles V2, and the new controller. The image shows the drone tilted into a forward flight mode. It’s unclear from this whether these are photos or renderings or – likely – a combination of both.

This doesn’t really provide any additional information on the feature front; it’s just an image, after all. But it does make us feel a bit more like we’re finally getting closer to launch.

There seems to be a pattern with DJI product launches. At first, leaks are few and far between. They’re often poor photos, which were taken on the sly. But as you get closer and the company starts to share promotional material with retailers (including Big Box chains), it becomes tougher to keep everything under wraps. In the case of the Mini 2, a few people were actually able to buy the product from Best Buy prior to the release date, though they could not yet fly it because DJI had not updated its app publicly yet.

More to come

In general terms, however, it’s safe to assume @OsitaLV and others will have more of this to come. Stay tuned!

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