Fortem’s counter-drone tech integrates with FAAD C2

Fortem's counter-drone FAAD C2

Fortem Technologies has announced its Fortem DroneHunter counter-drone product will seamlessly integrate with the Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control system (FAAD C2). FAAD C2 was recently announced by the US Army Joint Counter-UAS Office (JCO) as the interim command and control standard for countering small drones.

The DroneHunter is a drone equipped with a net used to catch and take down rogue drones in the area. So far, the DroneHunter has over 4,000 captures and integrates with the radar system to find drones. All of these add up to create the SkyDrome system, an end-to-end counter-drone solution that detects, monitors, assesses, and mitigates drone threats.

The FAAD C2 system works with current systems to track friendly and enemy aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft systems, and mortar and rocket rounds as identified by radar systems. The system also takes control of drone engagement operations. As the system can be run on most devices, it gives soldiers ground improved situational awareness.

Fortem Technologies also has two other products. Its TrueView Radar detects and calculates the location and trajectory of hundreds of drones quickly and accurately. The SkyDome Manager allows users to track and watch over the airspace being protected by the radar.

Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, shared:

The DroneHunter is an autonomous, radar-guided drone for safe, kinetic, effective mitigation of small drones and fixed wings day and night. With the JCO having named FAAD as their standard C2, it means we can collectively speed solutions to the warfighter and save the government time and money in getting an effective system deployed.

The news comes shortly after Fortem announced a partnership with Toshiba’s Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation. As a part of the partnership, Fortem Technologies also received an investment of $15 million. In addition to Fortem using the investment to improve its products, the two will also integrate their systems and expand their offerings worldwide.

For those who aren’t aware, the Infrastructure Systems & Solutions division of Toshiba already has a counter-drone system limited to just detecting a rogue drone in the airspace. The system uses a passive system to detect the drone. It then uses its built-in camera to locate the drone and point it out to a staff member. Fortem Technologies will take Toshiba’s RF detection expertise and work closely to create a product that takes the best technologies from both companies.

Photo: Fortem Technologies

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