Enjoy these FPV drone crash compilation videos (including DJI)

DJI’s recent FPV drone has brought the thrills of First Person View (FPV) flying to a whole new crowd. And that means those pilots are also discovering that crashing is part of this hobby.

The DJI FPV drone, as you likely know, has proven immensely popular. That means there’s a ton of footage floating around. And some of that footage, of course, involves crashes. So we’ve found a compilation reel that slams all of the action into a concentrated serving. We’re throwing in some bonus reels covering standard FPV quads.

C’mon. You know you want to see them.

Everyone crashes

Before we get there, it’s worth noting that even excellent FPV (and non-FPV) pilots have crashes from time to time. Things happen fast when you’re flying FPV, and sometimes it’s just inevitable that you’ll clip a branch, hit a wire, and send your rig spinning to the ground. So it’s not like the DJI FPV has a problem that’s causing crashes. If we were to search YouTube for practically any model of drone, we’d find videos of crashes.

What the DJI FPV may be guilty of is inspiring false confidence. This machine has multiple modes, intended to take even a total newbie and walk them through the steps toward fully manual flight. That’s fantastic, and the DJI FPV is a good teacher. It even offers an in-goggles simulator that allows pilots to practice manual flight.

But there’s a big difference between Sport mode and committing to that fully manual switch. And, we suspect, at least some of the crashes in this reel were simply pilots who weren’t quite ready for the prime-time maneuvers they were attempting.

Let’s see the crashes!

OK. Here you go:

It’s not just DJI

As mentioned, even really dedicated FPV pilots flying custom quads still crash. So, if you’ve taken your DJI FPV for a spill, just realize that it’s part of what you might consider a rite of initiation to the FPV world. Here’s a reel featuring smash-ups involving more “standard” FPV rigs:

We can’t look away

Once you get going in these videos, they can be a bit mesmerizing. It’s a bit like driving by an accident scene; sometimes you just can’t help but rubberneck. So with that, one final reel to satisfy that urge:

We love that opening shot.

If you’re flying FPV, enjoy. And if you’ve got a related video of your own, drop it in the comments.

A final word

Soon after the DJI FPV drone was released, we thought it would be helpful for new FPV pilots to offer some tips on how to avoid crashing. We put some thought into it, and a number of people found this a useful little guide. So please, especially if you’ve got the DJI FPV, have a read.

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