Dedrone surpasses sales of 1,000 drone detection sensors

With an ever-increasing number of drones being flown around the world, the business of detecting drones has been growing at a similar pace. And now, one of the leading drone detection companies, Dedrone, has announced it has surpassed 1,000 sales of sensors for drone detection.

Dedrone is a counter-drone technology platform. Its products detect, identify, and track drones in real time, providing advance warning for airports, prisons, stadiums, and pretty much any other sensitive facility you could think of. It can detect and recognize nearly 250 types of drones.

Let’s look more closely.

Drone detection

Without the aid of electronic detection, it’s difficult to detect an approaching drone until it’s very close. Relying on sound or spotting a drone visually simply isn’t a defense. In fact, you’d be lucky if you spotted something at all until it’s in your immediate vicinity.

Dedrone’s sensors take care of that task, and apparently do it very well. In a news release, the company revealed its sales are up 250% year-over-year – and that it has just surpassed selling 1,000 sensors.

Here’s how its system works:

News release

In addition to noting the 1,000 sensor sales, the news release succinctly outlines the company’s value proposition:

Dedrone detects, identifies, and locates nearly 250 different drone types and can provide mitigation when authorized for use. Dedrone’s extensive drone library leverages a machine-learning and AI validation process to deliver maximum detection of varied drone types and manufacturers, with minimal false positives. The global airspace security company experiences continued momentum in customer installations, with active deployments in 33 countries. Customers span key industries, including defense and homeland security, critical infrastructure, airports, correctional facilities and corporate enterprises.  

What kinds of applications?

Well, there are plenty. The news release outlines areas where there’s significant demand, including:

  • Government and Homeland Security (Dedrone provides security to four of the G7 nation governments)
  • Critical infrastructure (refineries, nuclear facilities, ports, and more)
  • Airports (Dedrone is in use at multiple airports)


An interesting feature of the Dedrone website is a map listing worldwide drone incidents. It’s got a lot of markers on it:

Images: Dedrone

Simply click on a dot for a snapshot, or click through to the article.

DroneDJ’s Take

That’s a pretty busy-looking map. And, to be sure, there are some incidents listed that are concerning (along with some that are less so, such as a drone flying into that active volcano in Iceland). Some observers might say: “Well, there aren’t that many incidents when you think about how many drones there are in the world.”

True enough. But the flip side of that is: What’s your risk tolerance if you’re running an airport, a prison, or an event with world leaders? Not much, we’d think. And for many of these facilities, having a drone detection (and mitigation) system makes sense. It’s not a surprise, then, that Dedrone has hit this milestone. Those sensor sales are certain to continue to grow.

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