Drone videos shows scale of China flood damage

Drone videos China flooding

It’s a troubling time on this planet. We’ve seen continued wildfires in western North America and massive flooding in parts of Germany and Belgium. In the latest cataclysm, a region of China was hit with a year’s worth of rain in just three days. And drone videos help give us a better sense of the scale of the flood damage.

The Guardian newspaper has a pretty thorough report on the flooding. But the highlights are very concerning: At least 51 people have been killed, and it’s anticipated that number will rise once waters recede and emergency personnel can access flooded underpasses, where it’s believed many people were trapped in their vehicles.

Some reports suggest 1 million people have been displaced or have no access to clean water, with half that number losing their homes. The scale is staggering.

Drone videos of China flood damage

We’ve come across a couple of videos from news organizations that – though not entirely drone footage – contain snippets throughout captured by drones. The devastation is phenomenal, and some of the footage – including a woman desperately holding onto the handles of her car in the face of advancing flood waters – is gripping. (The good news is it appears she was rescued.)

Here’s the first video:

This is truly a large-scale disaster

Unfortunately, there’s more…

As mentioned, this is a full-on catastrophe. And the population density makes it an even greater tragedy. This video contains the same footage of the woman holding into the car, but takes a much deeper dive into exactly what contributed to the flood. It’s a longer watch, but provides a lot of context:

The final video has embedding disabled, so if you’re interested in seeing more you’ll need to watch it on YouTube.

Finally, there’s a short snippet of a video that surfaced on Twitter that doesn’t involve drones. But it does involve the floods in China.

And it most definitely involves heroism:

DroneDJ‘s take

This is a full-scale humanitarian disaster. If you’re so inclined and able, we encourage you to donate to a charity of your choice to assist those in China, Germany, Belgium, or elsewhere.

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