Drone video captures lava subsuming entire Iceland volcano

Drone video laval volcano

Did you see the image that comes with this story? Of all of the Iceland volcano drone videos we’ve seen, this one – showing lava literally overflowing the entire volcano – is perhaps the most spectacular.

The more we see, the more we realize that Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano is almost like a living thing, in a state of constant evolution. Its behavior can change by the hour, with it even appearing to take extended breaks in its ongoing eruption.

But this? This piece of video captures a huge release of lava that literally subsumes the entire volcano.

Magma and lava

Magma is found, as you likely know, beneath the surface of the earth. It’s super-hot and in a semi-liquid state. When it finds its way to the surface and begins to cool, it’s called lava. All igneous rock is formed this way (or at least that’s our understanding – but hey, we’re drone geeks and not volcanologists).

The pressure exerted by magma waxes and wanes. And so sometimes volcanoes will blast lava high in the air like a geyser, sometimes they’ll just chill for a bit before starting up all over again.

But what we’re about to see? Well, we’d never seen this before.

A lava “lake” subsumes the volcano

This one comes to us from YouTube creator For The Beauty. It’s shot in 4K and is slowed down.

And wow, it it spectacular. Here’s the description:

Just after midnight on July 2, 2021, the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted with a massive wave of lava that covered the entire caldera and cone! I was lucky enough to capture the moment with a DJI Drone in 4k, and have put this at half speed so you can enjoy the power and beauty of this amazing volcano at its most beautiful.

Are you ready to see drone video of a massive lava surge?

Of course you are. Watch this lava lake spill over the entire rim of the volcano:

Of course, we’ve been following this eruption since it began – since it’s been drawing drone pilots like, well, a bit like moths to a flame. Some of those drones, unfortunately, did not survive their flights.

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