Drone video Stories February 13

The footage is simply amazing. Robert McIntosh shot this short film ‘Muscle-Up’ all in one take with the “world’s smallest HD drone.” His video recently made the news again when it was announced that this short film won in two categories, ‘Made in LA’ and ‘Best in Show’, at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival in December. According to a friend McIntosh received a $23,000 drone for the prize.

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Drone video Stories January 5

A drone video was posted on YouTube recently showing the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch vehicle that has been moved to the launch pad at Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

The payload for this maiden flight will be Elon Musk’s own first-generation Tesla Roadster as he announced earlier this month on Twitter. Elon Musk owns more companies besides Tesla, SpaceX is one of them. SpaceX is best known for its mission to colonize Mars as has been publicly announced by Elon on several occasions.

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Drone video Stories December 28, 2017

Last week, deadly storm, Tembin brought flash flooding and mudslides to the Philippine island Mindanao, resulting in more than 180 people missing or dead up from 130 reported earlier. This short drone video shows the extent of the damage and flooded areas on Mindanao.

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Drone video Stories December 7, 2017

Have a look at this video of a man dancing on top of a harvester while the dark sky lights up behind him with lightning strikes. It is quite an amazing scene. The video is shot with a drone and the higher vantage point adds drama and enables you to see things you may otherwise miss. Kind of like this guy in the ocean. The drone video was recorded in the town of Toowoomba, Queensland, which is close to Brisbane on the east coast of Australia.

In the video, the drone slowly circles the harvester and you get a good view of the dark and ominous looking scene. The frequent lightning strikes in the beginning of the clip help set the mood for what only can be described as the world’s most dramatic harvest dance ever.

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Drone video Stories November 29, 2017

Antarctica has to be one of the least human-friendly places on earth, one could visit in terms of weather conditions, yet last week it was the scene of some amazing feats, including the fastest Antarctic mile ever run, as well as the Antarctic Ice Marathon and 100k(!) race events. The event has been documented partly by drone in the amazing video you can see below. The scenery at the Union Glacier in Antarctica, just 650 miles from the South Pole, is amazingly beautiful and the drone footage is very cinematic.

Grab a coffee and enjoy watching this short movie.

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Last weekend in South Beach Florida, Kenny Melendez, who flies drones professionally, was flying his drone when he spotted a large shadow in the water right next to a swimmer. He flew the drone towards it to get a better shot of the large shark, which he believes to have been a tiger shark, very close to the shore and the swimmers.

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