Drone video Stories October 15, 2019

A new drone video shows the aftermath of the Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans. Rescue workers and search dogs are carefully working their way through the dangerously unstable hotel looking for the last missing person.

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Drone video Stories July 4, 2019

A drone video shows the partially burning remains of what used to be a Jim Beam warehouse filled with 45,000 barrels of bourbon at its distillery in Woodford County, Kentucky. The massive fire occurred on Wednesday. It was so hot that it melted the lights on the fire trucks, first responders said.

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Drone video Stories May 2, 2019

Storm chaser captures tornado with his drone in Oklahoma

Storm chaser, Brandon Clement from WxChasing captures a tornado with his drone. The tornado touched down near Sulphur in Oklahoma. Brendan was able to follow the tornado at a pretty close distance and capture this amazing footage of the storm making its path through a rural area. Check out the 4-minute 4k video below.

Drone video Stories December 17, 2018

We have seen more crazy drone footage including swimmers and wildlife (sharks mostly), but I think this video may top them all. In this drone video, you will see how killer whales join a woman during her swim workout off the coast of Coromandel, New Zealand. Initially, the woman swam straight to the shore and got out of the water, but then she decided to go back in and complete her swim. A tourist captured the event with his drone.

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Drone video Stories December 12, 2018

Cameras mounted on FPV racing drones are quickly becoming the way to bring viewers close to the action. Over the last twelve months, we have seen many examples of jaw-dropping drone video footage of skiers, mountain bikers, rhinos, and cars drifting that was captured with a racing drone and an action camera, such as a GoPro Hero 7. This video, Drift Hard, is the latest example of how amazing such footage can be. Jump right in.

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Drone video Stories October 5, 2018

Drone video – Bumper cars at the top mark during RC44 World Championship 2018

Take a look at this drone video that was taken last weekend during the RC44 World Championship 2018 in Cascais, Portugal. The race took place on September 30th at the ‘Clube Naval de Cascais‘. The RC44’s are very fast sailboats. Throw in 20 knots of wind and some current and this is what happened. Luckily a drone was in the air to capture the spectacle.

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