Bird-flipping Russian soldier ‘fingered’ by Ukraine drone

Drone video Ukraine Russian

Score it another “not independently confirmed” tale flowing from Vladimir Putin’s self-inflicted nightmare. Video has arisen of a hovering Ukraine drone being given the finger by an ill-advisedly smug Russian soldier, whose unit is purportedly soon blasted from above by dropped munitions. So much for sneering defiance.

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Did a trailing drone really video a Tom Brady ‘hole-in-one’?

Having a drone in flight to video first-person view footage of football hero Tom Brady’s against-the-odds hole-in-one golf shot seems too serendipitous to be real. And that’s because it is – not real, that is – according to about half of the online viewers now panning it as a fraud.

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First user video of DJI Mini 3 Pro in flight goes live

After the appearance Friday of the first unboxing video of DJI’s yet-to-be-unveiled Mini 3 Pro, it was inevitable a film of the new drone in flight would soon drop. That thumping sound (accompanied by distinctive whirring) is the predestined footage entering, stage right.

Update: The Mini 3 Pro has been launched: For in-depth coverage of this the DJI Mini 3 Pro, hit up our coverage on DroneDJ: DJI Mini 3 Pro reviewDJI Mini 3 ProTop 10 things to know, and coverage of the new DJI Remote Controller. Buy the DJI Mini 3 Pro from DJI here

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Drone gives aerial view of 180 million-year-old UK ‘sea dragon’ fossil

Aerial drone footage has provided viewers a full understanding of just how long – and, in archeological terms, enormous – the fossilized remains of a 180 million-year-old “sea dragon” are on the bottom of the UK reservoir where they were discovered last year.

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Jaybyrdfilms’ insane drone video inside live baseball workout

Fans of aerial artistry have gotten a nice range of spectacular UAV piloting footage over the past year or so, including some seemingly impossible high-speed flights through sports venues and shopping malls. Now, one of the magicians responsible for many of those films is offering a we-dare-you-not-to-flinch video of his drone whizzing through Dallas Baptist University’s baseball facilities while a full crew of players works out.

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Drone video captures ghostly remains of once-mighty Welsh coal plant

As an indication of how quickly things can change, a UK drone pilot’s video of a shuttered colliery and coke plant in Wales offers dramatic evidence of how swiftly the carbon-spewing coal industry has declined in the space of a generation.

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