IA Clearing and Doosan team up for longer, better hydrogen drone construction site analysis missions

hydrogen drone construction tracking

Automated construction analytics company AI Clearing is teaming up with South Korean hydrogen-powered drone specialist Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) to offer longer, more efficient work site tracking services for clients. The partners believe their strengthened joint offer comes at just the right time, especially with the US gearing up for massive infrastructure renovation.

Hydrogen drone power plus tracking tech to improve construction site tracking

The global link-up between the two companies seeks to leverage AI Clearing’s fully automated construction site tracking analysis technology with the long-endurance, sustainable power of DMI’s hydrogen drones. Maximum flight time of those craft exceeds two hours, which is anywhere from triple to quadruple those of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) using lithium-ion polymer batteries. Meanwhile, hydrogen cells on DMI drones can be replaced in under three minutes, limiting downtime when craft do need to land for more juice.

Extended missions aloft are expected to both speed up and strengthen the artificial intelligence-enhanced analysis work of AI Clearing’s onboard tech. 

“Many construction teams find data gathering with drones challenging as they have to change batteries very often, which takes time,” says AI Clearing cofounder and CEO Michael Mazur. “Combining DMI’s hardware with AI Clearing’s software solution allows our clients access to near real-time reporting remotely.” 

AI Clearing says its automated tech can instantly compare images captured by drones with work site schedules and designs, providing managers and participants with a clear picture of what’s on time, late, or even ahead of plan. Those accurate updates issued in near real-time speed allow for rapid remedial response when necessary. Those serve to limit any cost over-runs in the construction or renovation of roads, bridges, high-speed rail lines, solar farms, ports, and many other large projects. According to some estimates, nearly 80% of all such sites surpass allotted budgets.

The marriage of AI Clearing tech and DMI hydrogen-powered drones, the partners say, makes the tracking process even more valuable to investors and companies involved. 

“Companies that have come to realize business value derived through data gathered by drones are increasingly demanding longer flight time,” says Doo Soon Lee, DMI’s CEO. “The combination of AI Clearing’s AI-powered construction progress monitoring solution and DMI’s long endurance drone solution will meet these growing client needs and open up more opportunities for drone industrialization.”

Back on the ground, the partnership will also explore new R&D paths toward enabling edge computing for construction progress has not been feasible under the limits of both computing power and maximum flight distances of traditional drones.

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