DJI will stop providing support for these products from March 2022

DJI end of service support

Some important news for longtime DJI users. The technology giant has announced the end of service (EOS) timeline for several of its older drones, gimbals, accessories, and spares. Here’s the complete list…

While releasing the list of products and accessories for which the company will no longer provide service and support starting March 1, 2022, DJI clarified how it determines the EOS date for its offerings:

Subject to technological developments and changes in product usage requirements, each generation of electronic products has a fixed life cycle. To continuously provide you with premium products and service experiences, DJI regularly optimizes resource allocations to promote the development and application of new products and technologies.

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Since many products are involved, DJI has released the EOS information in a tabular format. Note that as of the date of service suspension, DJI will no longer provide you with services for these products including product inquiries, technical support, and product maintenance.

DJI products reaching End of Service on March 1, 2022

    Module    Product NameProduction Suspension TimeService Suspension Time
Main ControllerNaza-H2016/8/122022/3/1            
Main ControllerWooKong-M2018/5/12022/3/1
Main ControllerWooKong-H2018/5/12022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitterAVL 58 Video Transmitter2015/12/212022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitterDJI Lightbridge2016/11/302022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitterN1 Video Encoder2019/5/12022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitterDT7 & DR16 RC System2016/1/12022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitteriOSD MARK II2016/1/12022/3/1
Video & Radio TransmitteriOSD Mini2016/1/12022/3/1
Propulsion SystemE3052017/5/12022/3/1
Propulsion SystemE3102017/5/12022/3/1
Propulsion SystemE8002017/5/12022/3/1
Propulsion SystemE1200 Standard / E1200 Pro2018/5/12022/3/1
Propulsion SystemTakyon Z660 / Z650 / Z14120 / Z425-M /   Z415-M / Z318 / Z4202018/1/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse H3-3D2017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse H4-3D2017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse H3-2D2017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z152017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-GH3 / Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD)2017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-5D / Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD)2017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-N72017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-A72017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-G22017/3/12022/3/1
GimbalZenmuse Z15-BMPCC2017/3/12022/3/1
DroneDJI Wind 22017/5/12022/3/1
DroneDJI Wind 12017/5/12022/3/1
DroneSpreading Wings S9002018/9/12022/3/1
DroneSpreading Wings S1000+2018/9/12022/3/1
DroneFlame Wheel ARF KIT F550 / F450 / F3302017/5/12022/3/1
SoftwareDJI XT Pro App2018/5/252022/3/1
OthersDrone Speaker for DJI Wind Series2019/5/12022/3/1
OthersDJI Supply Box2019/11/12022/3/1
OthersHesai CS-HS012016/1/12022/3/1

As you can see, there are some pretty old products on this list that are way past their production suspension. And with innovations in the sector growing every day, it’s not really a surprise that DJI is pulling the plug on some of its now-outdated technology.

However, if you are still using any of the above products, DJI’s recommendation is that you upgrade it to an alternative product of a new model, “so that you can enjoy our more recent and improved technologies, and we can then continue to provide you with efficient service.”

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